Compassionate Support & Psychedelic Ally

Are you considering ayahuasca or other psychedelics for your physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual healing? Have you gone to a retreat but had difficulty connecting to the plants, yourself, or others after returning home? Are you searching for someone who can help you make sense of your experiences and support you through the process? Or to ask what you might expect when you suffer from an illness that Western medicine could not resolve?

When Mee Ok first began drinking ayahuasca, she couldn’t find anyone to help her understand what she was seeing and experiencing. It wasn’t something a therapist, a facilitator, or even a shaman could help her understand. She had to research many traditions — ancient, medieval, and modern, find her own connection to her healing and the cosmos, and put things together for herself. She had to surrender to the esoteric and intellectual gifts being bestowed upon her, accepting that she can see things others can’t, whether they be physical, psychic, ancestral, or otherwise.

Because of this, Mee Ok offers unique insights into how to navigate within this strange world of plants (how do I find my intention? what can I eat? why the smoke? the chants? the dreams? the perfume?). Currently in the process of becoming a licensed Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner, Mee Ok believes that true healing is an act of transformation, unique to each individual. Her powerful journey of personal growth and physical healing has led Mee Ok to hone her ability to see others and intuit how the medicine is working with them, helping many on their paths.

Learning from the plants for nearly a decade, she loves mentoring, coaching, or consulting with anyone working in integrity with the medicine and has an adept capacity to give the world of plant spirits to others in accessible, meaningful language, especially those looking to cure mental and physical disease. There are facets of ayahuasca that go beyond repressed childhood memories and somatic experiencing, veering into the esoteric and arcane, and Mee Ok is excited to go there with you. She is also happy to share her experiences, for which she receives many requests.

Aside from this, she has explored many alternative medicines — past, present, and future — and taken in the transmissions of indigenous wisdom keepers from Nepal to Jeju Island to Peru, receiving protected knowledge and secret teachings. Combining this with her deep knowledge of Western history and culture, both traditional and esoteric, and access to Westerners leading the psychedelic revolution, allows her to communicate highly subtle and complex concepts, as well as information unavailable to the general public, into clear and striking language.

This, as well as her vast experience, has led her to develop a deep practice and a powerful prayer. She remains devoted to her own work as well, always looking at her shadows on the path to integrity. It is her goal to be the real thing, to be medicine.

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*Rates available on a sliding scale. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please mention this in your email and Mee Ok will find a way to help you. Please explore her resources page before reaching out.

**Mee Ok is still in process of becoming a licensed practitioner, and any integration sessions serve as supplementary support to those who are already in regular therapy. She is happy to speak with anyone looking for a therapist and help them find one that might be able to aid them in their journey. She advises anyone interested in drinking ayahuasca to already have a working relationship with a trained mental health professional before exploring plant medicines.

Mee Ok is unquestionably a woman of letters. Writing is her life and practice. She is a world-soul who could emerge from any number of centuries and write them into relevance for these times. With her meticulous command of language, she offers a compelling personal lens with which to view our broken cultures and her own broken body in the service of letting through so much light.
— Odessa Piper, Founder of the Food Artisan Immersion Program at Taliesin

Writing Doula

Are you trying to hone the scope of your project, focus your research, find your process, write compelling dialogue, or tell your story without alienating your loved ones?

Mee Ok’s unique educational background makes her a great eye in editing fiction, nonfiction, poetry, plays, and screenplays. Formerly a research assistant at Harvard University, she is also available to (obsessively) locate information necessary, with the ability to scrutinize, organize, and distill articles and data for your project. Her eclectic tastes and outré interests synthesize with her enthusiasm for the living language and the written word, inspiring writers from all backgrounds to stay true to the writing journey. As someone who earned an MFA’, she found that the approach to writing was lacking a psychotherapeutic capacity and often knowledge of how to hold space for trauma seeking to be expressed on the page, the mantra being, “this is not therapy.” Because writers often would so often benefit not only from craft mentorship, but also freedom from unconscious stories and beliefs, Mee Ok is currently in process of becoming a licensed Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner, to bring Compassionate Writing to others in individual and group settings.

A naturally disciplined writer with a passion for memoir, she thrives on supporting others who are bringing their stories to the page — then to the world. Her abilities to see the big picture, help focus the energy, endlessly encourage, reframe perceptions and projects, and approach things differently than anything you would encounter from the traditional writing world makes her a prized doula for any writer birthing a book and other projects. From generating fresh work to fine-tuning polished drafts to querying agents and getting published, Mee Ok can take you all the way. She is particularly passionate about nonfiction, especially memoir, but is open to any prose, from fiction to screenplays, as well as poetry. She loves helping others turn their art into medicine.

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Mee Ok is a vibrant and supportive presence, encouraging her fellow writers while also having the highest expectations for their work. She is thorough and exacting, reads widely and deeply, and articulates her ideas about reading with great intelligence.
Jane Brox, author of Silence, Brilliant, Clearing Land, and Here and Nowhere Else

Spend a Semester with Mee Ok!

In this low-residency MFA model, you will work one-on-one with Mee Ok as your mentor!

Every month (for five months) we’ll exchange packets (you email me your work: 1-2 pieces totaling 6500 words), and I’ll provide incisive, extensive feedback (line edits, in-margin comments, and an accompanying letter including reading recommendations, guidance on craft, notes on possible publications to place the piece, etc).

Once you’ve had a chance to review, we’ll arrange a one-hour zoom call to go over your work together, address any questions or concerns, and talk about how it all fits into your larger project!

During our final meeting we will speak for an additional hour about next steps: scholarships, conferences, residencies, internships, MFA programs, agents, literary journals, contests, and more!

If you are LGBT or a POC we can also cover particular challenges you might face moving forward with your work in this very straight, white, male industry (87% of editors in publishing houses are white males and yet 70% of readers who buy books are female!) and discuss strategies to succeed in this world — with your voice still in tact.

By the end of our time together you will be able to confidently apply to residencies, retreats, conferences, scholarships, and MFA programs and will have several publishable pieces of writing and/or samples for your MFA applications.

Email Mee Ok to schedule your semester, a la carte services, or suggest anything you don’t see here!

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